среда, 19. јун 2013.

MiG-29 Yugoslav Air Force 1999

This is one of theese kits that have some really great value for me.
This represents MiG-29 of commander of 204. squadron of Yugoslav air force, Milenko Pavlovic, who died as a hero in 1999. during air combat with multiple enemy aircraft. When younger pilot got command to take off that day, Milenko stopped him and took plane to the air by himself even though he knew that it was almost certain flight to death because of malfunctioning radar and other electronics that were crucial for any BVR engagement. He managed to scare off enemies approaching from one direction but then took hit from multiple AIM-120s fired from F-16s. He died in flight.
Kit itself is (in)famous Academy kit, but with Aires cockpit and electronics and some riveting. Scale is 1/48 of course, my favourite :)
Pictures were taken on actual Serbian air force MiG-29 that is in service currently :)

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